What is the topical Magnesium Supplement Oil?

Unlike many other magnesium supplements, Magnesium Oil from the ancient Zechstein Sea is a transdermal magnesium supplement with numerous fantastic qualities. Magnesium Supplement is applied directly to the skin where it gets absorbed. This way, magnesium is able to reach the problematic tissues and cells.

How does Trasdermal Absorption take effect?

The human skin resembles that of a thick layer of fabric. At first glance, it appears to be impenetrable, but in reality, it is covered in tiny pores, which are small openings to the deeper layers underneath. These pores allow for the skin to absorb active substances such as magnesium supplement. There is an array of health benefits of transdermal medicines and agents, including soothing and analgesic effects. There is a wide spectrum of application of such active substances ranging from paediatrics to sports medicine. Transdermal supplements facilitate the absorption of their active ingredients, while at the same time they do not have to pass though the digestive system. This characteristic of transdermal supplements makes them a popular form of medicine, as they do not upset the stomach or other organs in the body. There are other ways of getting active substances to the bloodstream like various gels, lotions, balms and sprays. Traditional medical treatments such as capsules and pills prove to be less effective, because they pass though the stomach where they can get diluted in the gastric acid, or the digestive enzymes can radically decrease their effect. Transdermal substances are directly targeted to the problematic areas, which result in a higher efficiency.

What are the benefits of transdermal Substances?

By absorbing through skin, transdermal medicines can reach the affected areas without losing most of their active ingredients. As transdermal medicines do not pass through the liver or the stomach, they tend not to have any kind of severe or even mild side-effects at all. They are a popular solution to avoiding side-effects such as insomnia, sleepiness etc. Subcutan (administration of Insulin under the skin), oral, intravenous and intramuscular (immunisations directly injected into the muscles) methods are still among the most widespread forms of medication. Experts and researchers are now becoming more and more convinced that transdermal solutions can offer a more efficient alternative to the more traditional methods. The application of methods like skin patches facilitate topical and consistent administration of medicines.

How do we know that they actually work?

Skin patches are commonly used medicinal aids to administer the necessary substances in the body. They are a widely used means of medicine that are available in pharmacies all around the world. Zechstein Miracle works on the same principle of proven efficiency.

What does it mean in numbers?

An American study indicated that those participating in the experiment showed that an increase of an average of 59.9% in their magnesium levels took 18 months following the treatment. Achieving the same result using oral solutions would have taken a much longer time of about 9-24 months.

The calcium-magnesium balance of the body improved for each patient of about 25.2% on average. A significant detoxifying effect was also demonstrated in 78% of the participants.

The study points out that increasing the magnesium level within the cell is not only possible in every case, but it also makes a beneficial contribution to general health, including the bones and the cardiovascular system.


Magnesium Supplement should be used topically. Apply 2-3ml oil to the skin and gently massage it in. It can be applied any where except the facial areas because of the high level of magnesium salt concentration.

After 20-25 min salty residue can develop which can be wiped off with a wet towel or just washed off with water.

Some people might experience itchiness at first time use. So it is recommended to start with smaller amount at areas which are the least sensitive such as legs and with shorter time period (1-2 min vs 20min). Gradually we can increase both the quantity of the oil and the time. Our skin gradually will gets used to the high magnesium chloride concentration.



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