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Dr. Harmony’s Story
From our family to yours – Harmony’s Story



Doc Harmony’s Story starts in 1991…

Dr. Harmony’s story begins with Christopher, her son, who was diagnosed with an ear infection. During the next 6 months, he was given several rounds of antibiotics, however none of them worked. As a matter of fact, the last antibiotic he ever took caused him to vomit them up violently. At this point , she thought, “enough is enough”.

However, Harmony really had no idea where to go or what solutions were available. At the time, she was working at the largest utility company in the Southeast Region of the States. She believed that she was on the fast track to success in Corporate America with her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies.

But as she watched her son’s health decline, she finally remembered a Naturopathic doctor that lived in Georgia, Dr. Berryhill. She visited Dr. Berryhill and he recommended ear candles. Due to her ignorance and lack of education, Harmony thought it was an incredibly strange idea. On the other hand, she had no other options. The thought of lighting a candle and putting it into her son’s ear made no sense to her!

Using Ear Candles for the First Time…

Out of desperation, she went and purchased ear candles from a local health food store. She used 4 ear candles on her son’s ear while he watched “The Little Mermaid” and sucked on a lollipop.

As she candled Christopher, he became more and more relaxed, she realized that the candles were not hurting him. They seemed to be providing him with relief and comfort. The fact that he never has an ear infection again was pretty convincing to her. Shortly after the candling session, Dr. Berryhill would call Harmony and encourage her to “make ear candles and sell them”. He promised to teach her what he knew as he had been trained at the Royal Academy of London. As a matter of fact, Dr. Berryhill, is part of the lineage to be the Queen’s doctor. Harmony took his advice and knowledge and then created her first ear candle in 1991.

Entering the Natural Healthcare Community…

Coincidentally, she had begun working with the Natural Health Food Industry on DSHEA in Georgia. This was the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act and was extremely critical in protecting their supplements in the United States. While Harmony did not know much about the natural health industry, she did know that people had a Right to choose their own Health Care. Regardless of if it was allopathic medicine or natural health choices.

Under the direction of Dr. Berryhill, she began selling ear candles in 1992. She really enjoyed getting to know the local natural health food community. Due to her work with DSHEA, they welcomed her with open arms and received her ear candles and story with an open heart. Harmony would travel as a homeschooling family, taking field trips and visiting health food stores along the way in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. She is so grateful that they were able to grow up as a family. They discovered the natural health community, while working and schooling together. Harmony shared her candles with her local homeschooling, midwife and neighborhood communities. All of which were amazed at the deeply relaxing effects on the families.

Dr. Harmony PhD…

More remarkable was the improvement in the health when ear candles were used when the body was under stressful situations. During the time, Harmony also elected to return to school and obtain her Masters and Doctorate in the Science of Natural Health. Her final academic achievement was her dissertation on ear candles which revealed many of the misconceptions surrounding ear candles. This helped pave the way for proper education and ear candle usage, as well as set the stage worldwide for the proper classification of ear candles. Ear Candles are not a medical device. They are for relaxation purposes for the stresses of the body.

From our Families to Yours…

Harmony’s Story continues as her customer base grew, she knew that she could not continue making ear candles on her own while homeschooling her children. Every night her family would make ear candles and they knew they needed help. Harmony went to her local homeschooling community and offered jobs to homeschooling families and in particular, single mothers. Being a single mother for a while, Harmony truly wanted to help other single mothers so that they too could stay at home with their children and watch them grow.

Eventually Harmony’s team of families grew to include Native Americans, people with disabilities and her elders. Harmony had implemented Fair Trade principles before they had been developed in the work of marketing. Working with those in need, providing training, flexible hours, and quotas, basically allowing each family to mold their own working lifestyle, she was able to grow to become the largest hand crafted ear candles company in the word. Even today, within the offices of Harmony Cone Ear Candles, is our homeschooling room for our single mothers who are homeschooling their children while working with us.

Going Carbon Neutral…

During the early years at Harmony Cone Ear Candles, Harmony wanted to neutralize her carbon footprint upon the Earth. Upon 20 acres, her family was able to generate their own electricity for the family and Harmony Cone. Using less than an acre to do this, they were able to protect the remaining land, trees and the animals from clear cutting or deforestation. Harmony and her family also began to do organic gardening and have grown as many as 40 different types of herbs, and varieties of vegetables and fruit. Being able to teach her children the importance of the planet, the land, and our relationship to it has been so very rewarding. Her sons still cut wood to keep warm in the winter. They understand and respect the relationship between the fallen tree the land has provided and the wood burning stoves that keep them all warm during winter.

Creating the World’s Safest Ear Candle…

During the next several years, Harmony and her husband continued to make changes to their ear candles. Focusing on improvements in safety and efficacy. They were the first to double wrap their candles, with a comfortable pointed tip. They were the first in the USA to use a label to indicate when to extinguish the candle. To ensure the safety of their ear candles worldwide, they were the first also to implement a USA patented safety tip that also accelerates the vortex. Their website continues to be the stopping place for education, history and efficacy.

Appachi Eco Logic Cotton…

In a never ending quest to find the finest raw materials to handcraft their ear candles, Dr. Harmony found a family with a similar story of their own. Appachi Cotton, located in India, was suffering from the pesticides and GMO seeds of Mansanto. Their land, business, and families were being destroyed.

Appachi Cotton decided that enough was enough and they started joining with other local families, farmers, and weavers to gain back control of their land, their history, and their cotton. Over time, they became sustainable, restored the land and its animals, and became a Certified Organic Cotton farm. In 2011, Harmony and her husband decided to purchase all of their cotton from this local community of families. In 2012, Harmony and her families produced the first and only Certified Organic Cotton ear candles in the world.

Present Day…

Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, European Union have granted approval for Harmony’s Certified Organic , Sustainable, and Fair Trade principled Ear Candles. We are currently working on approval with the FDA.

In 2010, the FDA issued 17 warning letters to ear candle companies. At this point, the FDA targeted the larger companies and asked for settlements under the guise of GMP violations. Since Harmony had no GMP violations, she has refused to settle. They instead have spear headed a lawsuit against the FDA, which took them all the way to the Supreme Court and which has now evolved into a Citizen Petition.

Twenty-five years later, Harmony and her family remain diligent in educating the world about natural health.

Want a copy of Doc Harmony’s Story? Download here and help us educate the world about the truth behind Ear Candles.

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