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Looking to buy wholesale Harmony’s Ear Candles or any other of our amazing products?

Pick up any of our hand selected natural health products at your local health food store; that is to say, customers can buy wholesale Harmony’s Candles all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Not sure where to buy Harmony’s Ear Candles or ŐSIMAGNESIUM near you?
Call us today to locate the nearest store to you; meanwhile, our exceptional retailers will look forward to seeing you!

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Why buy Harmony’s Ear Candles, ŐsiMagnesium, & more from Happy Energy Amazing Life?
Choice, Education, Integrity

We are more than an ear candle company…. We commit to providing high quality, natural health options for personal wellbeing; supporting our customers with clear, honest, and accurate information; and sharing a mutual respect with our retailers and their customers.
-The Happy Energy Amazing Life Family


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Additionally, please don’t be surprised to catch Doc Harmony or one of her expertly trained staff members in your local health food store doing ear candle demonstrations. Together we will educate the world on natural health.


Are you located outside the United States?

No worries; as a matter of fact, Harmony’s Ear Candles are in 28 different countries all over the world! To find a location near you: call us at 770-214-5862 or email

The health agencies of Brazil, Australia and the MHRA of the United Kingdom determine that ear candles, most importantly Harmony’s Ear Candles, are not medical devices when no claims associate with them. In conclusion, there is no registration required with any health agencies across the globe for ear candles. 

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