Does Ear Candling Help with Sinuses?

With Spring in full swing seasonal allergies, allergies and airborne allergies are at an all-time
high which means that you can have a cough, runny nose, sore throat and overall major issues
with your sinuses. But what is the best way to combat seasonal allergies, allergies and airborne
allergies, when over the counter medications just won’t work? Have you tried ear candling? This
ancient therapy is known to help with many ailments that could be affecting your everyday life.

What is an Ear candle and what is ear candling?

An ear candle is a cone-shaped waxed cloth (typically beeswax) that is inserted into the ear to
help the body reach a relaxed state. Ear candling is not a new type of therapy. It started
centuries ago in countries like China and Tibet. Today ear candling therapy is best used to help
those who are having health issues. Trying to help return the body to its natural form.

How do you ear candle?

When you are practicing ear candling it is important to make sure that you are using a
high-quality ear candle to make sure that you are best protected.
When you are ear candling, stick the tip of the wax cloth into the ear canal and light the other
end of the candle. Make sure before you light the candle to have an ear candle guard or
something (like a towel or cloth) covering your face. When the candle is lit it helps to rid the
guck that can be found in your ear ( ie: wax). While you go through the three stages of
relaxation (beta, alpha, and theta) using the ear candle, it will help to return the body to its
original state.

How can ear candling help with sinuses?

Although using ear candling will not treat, heal or cure any issues you are having with your
sinuses it can help with infections such as sinusitis. It helps your body by allowing you to go into
deep relaxation. When you are in this deep relaxation your body is allowed to slowly return to its
natural homeostasis and fight any infections. Ear candles help your immune system.

When you are practicing ear candle therapy there are three main levels that help with healing
your body. This also can apply to your sinuses. It applies to the sinuses (and other infections)
due to the length of time you spend laying down and relaxing during a therapy session. Another
way that using an ear candle can help with your sinuses is with any congestion that you may
feel. It is said that using an ear candle can help to relieve congestion.

Want to try ear candle therapy and see if it works for your sinuses?

Then test the ear candles at Harmony Ear Candles, where they only use high-quality ingredients in their candles.
Like all therapies, ear candling does have risks. Most of the risks involved happen when the
candle is not up to par or when you are doing it wrong. Make sure to do your research before
you ear candle.

If you want to try out high-quality ear candles or need some more information to check out, go to
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they make sure to have all of the right ingredients to make sure that you are practicing ear
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