Does Ear Candling Unblock Ears

Although ear candling is new to western medicine this alternative therapy is the center of a lot of talks. Ear candling has been around for centuries in other countries like China and Tibet. Ear candling is becoming more popular every day. This type of natural and drug-free therapy helps to create an idea of relaxation. This type of relaxation can help all from families, single mothers, and even people with disabilities try to fight against infections.

What is ear candling?

Ear candling is not a new type of therapy. This form of therapy is an alternative choice, where the wax cloth is used to help your body.  The cloth is formed into the shape of a cone, where the pointed end of the cone is placed inside of your ear. When it is placed inside of your ear and your face is safely protected (covered with a towel or a cloth) then the other end of the ear candle is lit with a match (some ear candles do have guards attached). As the candle burns through its three stages — beta, alpha, and theta, then the body is able to be transported into a more relaxed state with each level. At the end of the treatment, your body should be returning to the basic homeostasis level that is healthy.

Can candling unblock my ears?

No. Ear candling is not a medical device but is primarily made to help return your body to its original homeostasis. The best way to make sure that you return your body to its original homeostasis is having a high-quality ear candle. When you are ear candling and returning to a relaxed state it could help you fight ailments that are in your bodies such as stress, sinusitis, rhinitis and ear infections.

Creator of Harmony Ear Candles realized the importance of high-quality ingredients in ear candles in the early 90s. While she was taking care of her son, performing an ear candle with him she began to see his body return to relaxed and stable homeostasis and the rest is history.

When Harmony Ear Candle is making their products they keep the customer’s safety and health in mind. The ear candles at Harmony’s are made with:

  1. Certified Organic Cotton
  2. Make sure that your candle is double wrapped: This helps when you have ear candles at home.
  3. A Burn safety label: This will help the candle to stop burning when it is supposed to.
  4. High-quality wax: This ensures a cleaner burn which is great for you, your home and for the environment. When you use a high-quality wax (like Harmony’s ear candle) it can also prevent drippage happening when it is burning.
  5. A safe or tight tip: This helps to protect your face and ear. It can also help the efficiency of the candle.

If you need help finding a high-quality ear candle look at the values that Harmony Ear Candles offer. The ear candles that are made at Harmony’s are made with certified organic cotton and have a fire safe band to make sure you are having the best experience possible.



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