Ear Candling- Unwrapping The Mystery

love the feeling of that Q-tip ever so slightly tickling the ear canal? The first time I saw a woman with what looked like a cone shaped piece of paper burning in her ear, I thought, ‘What the ??? There sure are some strange folks out there.’ Moments later, having looked into it a bit more, ‘Yep, strange folks… my turn!’

As you probably guessed, it wasn’t burning paper I had seen in her ear. It was cotton, specially wrapped, dipped in wax and shaped into a cone. A tad on the bizarre side, I was game to jump in and learn about this largely unknown healing modality.

Ear Candling, also known as Coning, may look funny but offers a host of holistic health benefits in ways still not entirely understood. Often touted as a way to remove ear wax, a stronger case is made for its ability to encourage the body to relax especially during times when one wants to alleviate earaches, ease sinus issues, soothe headaches and migraines, provide stress relief, and coax the body into a state where it can naturally heal itself.

That last one is my favorite! Fortunately, earaches and sinus issues don’t affect me very often, but at times I can definitely stand to have those last 3 issues addressed. I contacted Doc Harmony of Harmony Cone to find out how ear candles work. Happy to educate, she treated me to a session in our MDQ studio while sharing stories of the benefits of ear candling and how to do it.

Harmony’s introduction to ear candling began in 1991 when her  1 year old was diagnosed with an ear infection. Given multiple rounds of antibiotics over a 6 month period eventually resulting in violent vomiting of the antibiotics, she turned to naturopath, Dr. Berryhill of Decatur, GA who suggested ear candling.

Skeptical at first, she tried it. Keeping her little one occupied with a red lollipop while watching The Little Mermaid, she laid him on his side and treated him with four ear candles. From that time on, ear infections were a thing of the past. What was most amazing to Doc Harmony was the fact that her little one was so calm and relaxed.  He really seemed to enjoy it and his whole energy changed from a very stressed out, painful one to a very relaxed and peaceful state of being (obviously, it was not the red lollipop!).

Seeing the benefits first hand, she became passionate about this holistic treatment. She began making and selling candles, launched her business and now travels the world educating all those interested in pursuing natural health and wellness options.

But helping spread the word hasn’t always been easy. The ear candle industry has come under fire with the FDA warning of potential injury. That said, there have been far fewer reports of injury from coning than, say, folks slipping and falling in the bathroom. One of the reasons I decided to try ear candling with Harmony’s Candles was their commitment to safety. Reported as never having an issue to date, I felt like I was in good hands.

Moments after the candle was carefully positioned in my ear canal and had burned down a bit, I was ready to saw logs. Doc Harmony said that was my body shifting into the parasympathetic state. She believes this is the key point where the healing begins. Throughout the day our bodies are often in the sympathetic state, which is what wetypically recognize as flight or fight. When the body shifts to a parasympathetic state, it’s restful and restorative. She believes that properly made ear candles can induce this calming state.

In what seemed like no time the first candle was done. Had I been sick or had a sinus flare up, headache, or the like, she would have used 2 more candles before moving on to the next ear.

I switched sides and this time I almost immediately heard some crackling popping in my ear. She assured me this was very common and typically occurs as the body relaxes. Also, had I been suffering from some type of ailment as I just mentioned, 2 more candles would have followed in this ear as well.

She recommended 3 candles for each ear being the typical treatment time which can last about an hour. She also suggested checking out www.earcandling.info if I wanted to delve deeper.

While I can’t speak to whether ear candling can help you, I can certainly say for me, this was an enjoyable experience. I not only felt calmer after treatment, I felt more open, deliberate, grounded and quite peaceful. You can find out more about these specific candles at www.harmonycone.com.

There are a few key points to keep in mind while candling so I put together a quick “Ear Candling 101 with Doc Harmony” after my session.



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