Is Ear Candling bad?

New forms of alternative therapy are forming every day. A new form of alternative therapy called ear candling has become popular with cleaning out your ears. Although like all forms of therapy and medication ear candling can have risks. First off to know the risks that are involved in ear candling, you must know what ear candling is and how it works!

What Is Ear Candling and How Does It Work?
Ear candling is where a wax covered cloth is shaped to be in the form of a cone and the tip of the wax cloth – or ear candle – is placed into the ear to help get rid of the gunk. The tip of the wax cloth is placed into the ear canal and lit with a match or lighter at the opposite end. This creates a pull style effect which helps to rid the guck that can be found in your ear ( ie: wax).

What Are The Risks?
While it sounds like there are many benefits to ear candling there are also risks that are involved in sticking something inside of your body. Ear candles can cause serious harm when the candle is not made properly, does not have high-quality ingredients or when it is simply done wrong. Some of the harm that you can encounter when ear candling is done wrong is:

● You can get burned. The burns would come from not having a proper safety label. Most have a safety label to make sure that you know when the candle has burned low enough. Burns can also occur when you do not have high-quality wax. When you have a lower quality wax ( and no cover to protect yourself) the wax can melt off of the candles fabric and hit any part of your body that it is near, causing a burn.
● You can get a perforated eardrum. This is when you also don’t know what you are doing. This is because the candle was stuck too far into the ear.
● You can cause other damage to the eardrums and ear canals. This third risk, like the other two, come down to the quality of your candle. If you do cause damage to your eardrum or ear canals, it is because the wax wasn’t a high-quality wax and melted into the canal, hurting it and the drum. It can also be from the lack of knowledge of ear candles.

As you can see it is important to be checking the quality of your candle or making sure that you are qualified or understand how to properly ear candle before you put it in your ear.

Is It Worth It?
This question is up to you. Ear candling does have benefits of relaxation that can help your body get to homeostasis or a state of being equal or having a good equilibrium. This can have a ton of health benefits on your body.

If you do want to try ear candling make sure that you reach out to Harmony’s ear candle. This shop makes sure that you are educated in ear candling before you try it out. If you have any questions check out the website or stop in and get your ear candles.


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