What are ear candles?

ar candles are part of a relaxing, holistic, traditional healing. This relaxing modality has been practiced for many generations around the world (Europe, Mexico, South and Central America and the United States) which involves using a cone-shaped waxed fabric. The cloth is shaped into a cone so that it can better fit into your ear of choice and help promote a better vortex which helps with relaxation.

What do ear candles do?  Do ear candles pull out wax?

No, ear candles do not pull out wax or any other gunk from your ear.  Ear candles encourage relaxation within the ears, nose, and head. An ear candle session can provide an opportunity for the autonomic nervous system to shift from a stressed/sympathetic state of being to a relaxed/parasympathetic state of wellbeing.

How do ear candles work?
Ear candling can be a part of anyone’s holistic program for wellbeing. It is a great  way to relax the head area (which houses more than 44 reflexology points, 3 chakra centers and 8 of 12 meridian pathways start and/or end here).  Ear Candles require supervision over the flame, hence you CANNOT ear candle yourself.  Many people have ear candled infants, centaurians, pregnant women and children without any negative side effects. Once you purchase a high quality ear candle, for example, we prefer Harmony’s Ear Candles, which are vegan and certified, organic cotton ear candles, you will need the following:


  1. A paper plate, to act as a protective shield.
  2. Lighter/matches, to ignite the candle.
  3. A cup of water, to extinguish the candle, (do NOT blow out the ear candle)

Now you are ready to begin: Find a comfortable place to lie down on your side, ear facing the ceiling. Have your partner place the ear candle through a hole in the center of a paper plate and light the large opening of the candle. Wait about 15 seconds and then insert the tapered tip, gently into the ear opening. Breathe and allow yourself to listen for the comforting sound of the hum and crackle of the flame. Once the smoke/warm air hits the ear canal you will find yourself shifting into a calm, parasympathetic state of well-being. Once the ear candle reaches the STOP safety label, remove and extinguish into the cup of water.   You can either use another ear candle in this ear or turn over and repeat on the other ear. Enjoy!


Are ear candles effective?
Yes. During the processes of ear candling, the amount of time spent ear candling while lying down and relaxing helps to relieve stress, anxiety and negativity.  The results of a brain wave study, entitled “Documentation of an Application Observation on Biosun Ear Candles”,  reveals that after just one ear candle, your body relaxes from a very stressed state of being (Alpha state) to a Beta state where your brain is more calm and still. Experience shares with us that after 3 – 4 ear candles, one feels as if they could be in a Theta state which is an experience similar to a deep meditative state.  Wouldn’t that be amazing to experience meditative relaxation?  Can you see how you and your body would feel better and more alive? During the three levels of relaxation that you will feel during ear candle therapy, you will have changing characteristics. During your first stage, you will not feel as calm as expected, but rather you will be more alert and conscious than ever. After that, during the second stage you will start to feel more relaxed (this is when your body has the possibility to begin to heal itself). At the last stage or the third stage, you will enter into a deeply relaxed state of being as your body works to return itself to homeostasis.

Does ear candling help with stress?

YES! People need to relax when they are stressed and having a rough day. The use of ear candles encourages relaxation which is part of a healthy lifestyle. When our bodies are NOT in optimal health, due to an ear or sinus infection, headache or a migraine, cold, flu, or allergy symptoms, or just plain lack of sleep, ear candles can assist you in obtaining homeostasis (normal well-being) naturally through relaxation. This can be achieved through the use of 1-3 candles per ear, based on the need for time out and relaxation for optimal wellbeing.

Are Ear Candles Safe?

Since an ear candle has an open flame, it requires supervision and observation. Ear candling requires two people.  You need someone holding the ear candle and watching over the flame and, of course, the person being ear candled. When properly manufactured and instructions followed accurately, ear candles are far more safe than household candles!

Is It Worth It?
This is up to you. Many have found relaxation, relief, and independence when ear candling.  If you do decide to partake in ear candling make sure to do your research and find a brand that you believe is right and has the knowledge to back it up. Ear candling can have positive effects on your body. At Harmony’s ear candles they make sure that they are using the high-quality factors that you are looking for in an ear candle. When an ear candle is crafted by hand (like they are at Harmony’s ear candles) they are safer because you know that there are no harmful chemicals, GMO’s or bacteria that are going into the candle. Want to find more out about ear candling therapy? Check out the ear candling information at Harmony Ear candles.



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