What is Ear candle treatment

One of the newest alternative therapy approaches for ear wax removal is ear candling. This new therapy treatment can be damaging (like any type of new therapy) but when it is done right can put your body back into the proper homeostasis point.

How did ear candling start?

Ear candling has been used around the world for centuries that there is no one beginning point. In earlier days it is said that places like China, Egypt, and Tibet practiced ear candling.

What is ear candling and How does it work?

Ear candling is an alternative therapy where you stick a cone-shaped waxed cloth into your ear to help clear blockage. Ear candles can be made at home or they can be bought in a store, just make sure that when you are buying an ear candle that it is being made with high-quality ingredients.

How ear candling works is, once you are laying on our side and you have your face covered then the tip of the wax cloth is placed into the ear canal and lit with a match or lighter at the opposite end. Doing this creates a cleansing and relaxing effect to help your body return to its original homeostasis.

What is needed for an ear candling and what makes it safe?

Making an ear candle is hard only because when it is done wrong it can be damaging to your body. Make sure that you have your doctor’s approval before starting. The ingredients that you need to make an ear candle at home are Strips of cotton muslin, Wax (beeswax is preferred and works great), A dowel (make sure to get a tapered one), Scissors, Double Boiler, Olive Oil, Essential Oils (try eucalyptus) – this step is optional, Newspapers or cloth or a towel to avoid the mess and the drippings and lastly you will need Tongs. Although it is easier to buy one at the store, just make sure that your ear candle has the following: Certified Organic Cotton, make sure the candle will be double wrapped, a burn safety label, high-quality wax and a safe or tightly bound tip.

Like all therapies, ear candling does have risks. Most of the risks involved happen when the candle is not up to par or when you are doing it wrong. To make sure that you ear candle safely you need to have a towel or cloth that is covering your face (in case the candle doesn’t burn correctly) and you need to make sure that you have the burn safety label. This label will help the candle to stop burning when it is getting too close to your face.

At Harmony’s ear candles they make sure that they are using the high-quality factors that you are looking for in an ear candle. When an ear candle is crafted by hand (like they are at Harmony’s ear candles) they are safer because you know that there are no harmful chemicals, parabens or bacteria that are going into the candle.


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