5 Ways To Use Magnesium At Home

Having Magnesium in your daily diet is important, but there are many ways to use this mineral.

Magnesium is said to support many parts of your body like your skin, hair, heart, bones, brain and so much more. But what are the best ways to increase your magnesium in a healthy way? Magnesium can be increased in many ways such as natural foods, lotions, sprays, pills and even in bath bombs. Here are five ways to use the mineral at home:

Creams, body balms, and Lotions

Magnesium as a cream, body balm or lotion is great because it is a very nourishing moisturizer. The added minerals from the magnesium in the cream, body balm or lotion can help to soothe your muscles and soften your skin. This is also better than other types of creams, body balms or lotions that have loads of unnatural ingredients and chemicals that can do more harm to your body than good.

 Food Flakes

An easy way to increase your magnesium intake is through magnesium food flakes. Like chia seeds at these to any of your meals and they have all the benefits of magnesium. Magnesium food flakes can even be added into water and this will help to increase the electrolyte count that is in the water. Increasing that can help with gum and teeth health.

 Sprays and Oils

Sprays and oils are a great way to use magnesium and pinpoint it to a certain area of your body. This therapeutic option is great to replace magnesium pills and tablets for things like migraines and headaches because you can apply it right to the head.

When using oils or sprays for something like a migraine or a headache, you can just apply it right to the neck or temples to feel quicker relief. Or if you need magnesium to help with your insomnia a great way to use sprays or oils, is putting it on your legs to make sure that the muscles are relaxing and not keeping you awake.

 Pills or Vitamins

While using pills or vitamins to increase your magnesium intake is considered old school compared to all the products on the market, it is still a viable way to increase your magnesium. Using magnesium in the pill form is great when it is used as an antacid and can even be used as a laxative.

Magnesium salt baths

A great and therapeutic way to introduce more magnesium into your daily health is through magnesium salt baths. These are a great way to get a good dose of magnesium while being able to relax for around 20-30 minutes. Although we know you can’t get this great relaxation of a 30 min bath every night, anytime you do add it to your bath (even if it is for 10 mins) it helps your health. When you add the magnesium flakes into your baths it is great at helping you detox. Since the magnesium can soak into the skin it can help to remove the waste and toxins that are being trapped inside.

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