How to Benefit the Most from Magnesium – Rub that Body Butter on!

It is excellent for one’s health to know that magnesium chloride (in the form of lotions, body butters and oils) can be absorbed through the skin.  And since one is rubbing these forms of magnesium chloride directly onto the skin (transdermally), it is absorbed in just under 90 seconds according to some reports.   This is faster than orally.

As science reveals, we know that substances we apply to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream.  Even some medications are delivered through a skin patch.   One does not need to worry with magnesium chloride being absorbed into the blood stream as it is completely natural.  This natural product is hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface, like in the Zechstein Sea, which has been kept unadulterated from modern contaminants for the past 250 million years due to deep subterranean isolation.

Zechstein Magnesium Chloride, for example is drawn up from approximately 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth and the formation of this magnesium chloride is over 250 million years old.  This form of magnesium chloride is bio available and easily assimilated into body butters, lotions, oils and gels.

Obviously, it is important to use a pure source of magnesium chloride as it is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream, especially considering the fact that everyone needs magnesium every day.  Regrettably, most of us are not getting enough through our foods.

Transdermal magnesium is super for your nerves, muscles, heart, hormones, bones, teeth and more.  It also provides relief when one is under stress, needs a good night sleep and has so many other benefits.  Athlete’s bodies crave magnesium for their chronic body pain and cramps or restless leg syndrome as it provides immediate relief.   Magnesium is an essential mineral for health.

Transdermal magnesium is easy to use.  For your lotions, use a dessert teaspoon of magnesium on your legs, arms, feet, shoulders, even your face.  When using oils please avoid sensitive areas, however a few sprays, while rubbing the oil in is very effective.   Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends 2 – 3 mg of magnesium per pound of body weight, every day.  Each desert teaspoon provides 125 mg of magnesium transdermally.

OSI Body Butter is great for your skin, smells good, and is silky smooth upon application.  Complimenting magnesium chloride with D3, melatonin or MSM, like we find with OSI’s Body Lotions is another excellent way to nourish the body.

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