What Is Magnesium and Why Do We Need it

What Is Magnesium?

With summer coming closer and closer we find it more important to focus on our health and make sure that we are adding the proper supplements, minerals, and vitamins into our bodies. But is there one important mineral that we could be forgetting?

Did you know that Magnesium can be naturally found inside your body? Magnesium is a key mineral that we all either don’t know is naturally in our body or that we forget about. This fourth most abundant mineral in our body helps to achieve some of the easiest daily functions that we take for granted like sleep, digestion, bone health and so much more. But what is magnesium? Magnesium is a nutrient (or mineral) found in the body to help it stay balanced. Magnesium helps to keep different aspects of your body regulated.

How much magnesium do we need? The amount of Magnesium that you need depends on your age and on your sex. The older that you get the more magnesium you actually need in your body. Men usually need more magnesium then women do unless they are pregnant. Pregnant women need more magnesium due to that fact that the womb cannot relax any longer.

Why do we need Magnesium? We need magnesium in our bodies to make sure that certain systems such as the nervous, skin and bones are being regulated. Below are three key reasons why you need to have magnesium in your body:

How Magnesium Helps Your Nervous System

Increasing your Magnesium levels can help to regulate your nervous system. Magnesium can help to regulate the synapses in your brain which are causing you anxiety and depression. When you have low magnesium it can change the ways that thoughts are perceived in your mind. It can also help to decrease any headaches and migraines. Although if you are going to increase your magnesium for migraines and headaches it would have to be a large increase to see a significant change. When making this change make sure to talk to your doctor.

How Magnesium Increase Your Bone Health

A great way to help with your bone health is with magnesium. This mineral is great to help with bone formation, the elasticity of your bones, and the health of your bones (via osteoporosis). When you have a lack of magnesium in your bones it can cause an increase in calcium which is not healthy. The increase in calcium can hurt arterial calcification and other types of heart disease.

 Help With Diseases (ie Type 2 Diabetes, Heath Health)

Everyone worries about their heart health but not everyone knows that there are different ways to take care of your heart that is not lowering your salt intake. Increasing your daily magnesium intake can help to relax your muscles which can help your heart. It helps your heart because it helps to move the blood throughout the body which reduces blood clots. Having this reduction can help to decrease the chance of having a stroke and heart attack.


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