Why You Should Be Rubbing On Your Magnesium For Good Health

Transdermal magnesium is perfect for anyone and it is an easy, inexpensive way to treat magnesium-deficiency symptoms. Using lotions, butters, gels, and sprays with magnesium, is transdermal and this topical use of magnesium is absorbed through the skin directly and into the cells.

Everyone has heard about soaking in Epsom salts, well, this is the same concept except instead of magnesium sulphate soaking into your skin you have magnesium chloride soaking into your skin, relaxing tension, relieving tension and treating other symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

OSI Magnesium has several body butter, lotion, gel and spray options that are better for you as magnesium chloride is absorbed more rapidly into one cellular structure and thus more effective.

The benefits of transdermal magnesium are the same benefits of oral magnesium: relief from stress, sleep issues, anxiety, pain, symptoms related to magnesium deficiency, which include osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Magnesium helps improve the function of the cells and immune system by protecting cells form oxidative damage and decreases inflammation.

To get magnesium into your cells, transdermal application is the fastest way, second only behind intravenously.  Keeping a tube of magnesium in your purse or locker at the gym or your drawer at your desk is an excellent decision for those times when a muscle spasm, headache or joint, muscle or nerve pain might strike.

Transdermal magnesium is easy to use.  For your lotions, use a dessert teaspoon of magnesium on your legs, arms, feet, shoulders, even your face.  When using oils please avoid sensitive areas, however a few sprays, while rubbing the oil in is very effective.   Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends 2 – 3 mg of magnesium per pound of body weight, every day.  Each desert teaspoon provides 125 mg of magnesium transdermally.

OSI Magnesium Body Butter + OptiMSM  are great for your skin, smell good, and are silky smooth upon application.  Complimenting magnesium chloride with D3, melatonin or MSM, like we find with OSI’s Magnesium Good Night Lotion is another excellent way to nourish the body.

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