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Read all about Harmony’s Ear Candles and find out what they have to offer! The article below is a reproduction of the article that appeared in Vitamin Retailer’s February 2014 print edition

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Setting Quality Standards, Establishing Truth in Marketing & Challenging the FDA

Vitamin Retailers: How Doc Harmony became a leader in the Natural Health Field:

Harmony-Ear-Candles-Products-4-typesIn 1991, Doc Harmony’s son, Christopher, was diagnosed with ear infections. As a result, he was given several rounds of antibiotics. Nothing worked. Harmony then took Christopher to Dr. Berryhill, a naturopathic doctor in Georgia who recommended ear candles. While she thought this was an incredibly strange idea, she had no other options.

Out of desperation, she purchased ear candles from a local health food store and used four of them. As she candled Christopher, he became more relaxed. She realized that the candles certainly were not hurting him. He then became so relaxed that he fell asleep. He slept through the night and then never complained about his ears again!

Later, Dr. Berryhill called Harmony and encouraged her to “make ear candles and sell them.” He promised to teach her what he knew, since he had been trained at the Royal Academy of London. She took his advice and knowledge, and created her first ear candle in 1991.

Harmony began selling to independent health food retailers.

She would travel as a homeschooling family, taking field trips and visiting health food stores along the way in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Harmony shared her candles with her local homeschooling, midwife and neighborhood communities, who then were always amazed at the deeply relaxing effects on the families and the improvement in health, stress and wellbeing.

Harmony returned to school and obtained her masters and doctorate in the science of natural health. Her final academic achievement was her dissertation on ear candles, which revealed the misconceptions surrounding the practice. This helped pave the way for truthful education and ear candle usage, as well as setting the stage worldwide for the proper classification of ear candles. Ear candles are not a medical device.

As Dr. Harmony’s customer base grew, she knew that she could not continue making ear candles on her own while homeschooling her children. She then went to her local homeschooling community and offered jobs to homeschooling families and, most of all, single mothers. Eventually, she also worked with Native Americans, disabled and elderly communities.

Leading in Product Development, Innovation & Standards

  • The only company to use certified organic cotton—for the sustainability of future generations and a certified organic supply chain.
  • The only U.S. patented safety tip— for customers’ safety and efficacy.
  • Burn line safety—for customers’ ease of use and safety.
  • Highest quality wax—for an honest and safe experience.
  • The only company without liability claims ever due to its GMP (good manufacturing practice), training and three-step inspection process.

Science: Ear Candles are Relaxing

Herbal midwives and medicine men knew the truth about their herbs and modalities, but it took time for our current society to understand how it all worked. The same holds true for ear candles.

After suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the misclassification of ear candles as medical devices, they then submitted a citizen petition. They are hoping that they might be able to freely educate retailers about ear candles. Harmony Cone knows that people meditate to improve mental and physical well-being. Ear candles, like meditation, are a natural and calming energetic modality that is a part of healthful well-being via stress reduction and relaxation principles. Consumers find the Harmony’s Ear Candles to be relaxing and influential to achieving a sense of balance in their life, due to total relaxation. Harmony Cone does not represent that ear candles cure or treat any disease or illness. Its finely hand-crafted products permit nature, the mind, the body and the spirit of the end-user to achieve a more healthful balance and sense of well-being.

Effective Marketing & Support to Help Build Sales

  • Hand-crafted in the U.S.
  • Practicing the 10 principles of Fair Trade practices—Our families are from rural areas. They are single mothers, people with disabilities, homeschooling families and elders. The company encourages economic self-sufficiency and ownership as each family works out of their own homes, establishing a working lifestyle that is beneficial to themselves and their families.
  • Fabulous packaging (private labeling available).
  • Bright, colorful and effective displays.

Major Markets

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Brazil

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